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Email update: Brown sends personal letters of apology and abdicates government blame

April 14, 2009

Over 72 hours after the McBride/Draper/Whelan poisoned email plot was revealed, and 12 hours after UK Government Minister Alan Johnson had denied the need to do so on national radio, Gordon Brown stopped saving the world for a minute and tried instead to save his own skin. The fact that he still refuses to issue a formal government statement – a personal, handwritten letter of regret to those maligned is not the same thing – demonstrates either extraordinary bad judgement, bad advice, dissociation from reality or maybe all of the... More

Did police brutality kill Ian Tomlinson and do we care?

April 11, 2009

. . . . . The answers are yes and yes. It matters that we know and that the police and government know that we are not prepared to tolerate any more abuses of our lives and liberties., with whom Thus is not affiliated but thoroughly admires, have launched a petition, which I hope you will sign. Paul Hilder of believes peaceful protests can change the world. My heart says he’s right but how would Gandhi have fared in Britain today? 2 million protested in the UK alone... More