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Why is Mandelson trying to push for Royal Mail privatisation?

April 21, 2009

According to the Independent (21 April), Gordon Brown faces growing pressure from mutinous Labour backbenchers to ditch or delay moves to partly privatise Royal Mail. Party whips have warned the prime minister, who is already dealing with the ’smeargate’ scandal, that the plans have stretched the loyalty of his MPs to breaking point. ‘Lord’ Peter Mandelson, former EU Trade Commissioner, now UK Business Secretary and architect of the ‘plan,’ has made little headway in winning them over. He appears oblivious to the damage he is doing by fighting a divisive... More

British Rail Fares 50% higher than European average – why oh why etc.

February 19, 2009

There should be a sign upon disembarking at London St Pancras International train terminal: “Welcome to Britain, where everything’s a lot dearer and a little bit rubbish.” We already know why British rail passengers, especially commuters, pay 50% more for our generally uncomfortable and squalid rail journeys. It’s because we’re a nation of prats, governed by numbskulls. But enough of the sociology, let’s cut to the chase. Railways are a public utility and virtual monopoly. They cannot be run as though they exist in a free market competitive framework. Yet... More