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Thus interprets the UK MP’s expenses guidelines, for the (sole) benefit of honourable members

May 18, 2009

All this “I stuck to the Rules” stuff delivered to camera by our alternately defiant or ashen faced betters in the Mother of Parliaments prompted me to take a look at the rules (the “Green Book”) of which we’ve heard so much. It’s less than gripping stuff but, as rule books go, it’s fairly clear and a damned sight more easily understood than the rules of cricket. Unless you’re running the country, that is. By John Keyes An admirable foreword is provided by that beacon of propriety, chauffeur-driven-to-excess Speaker Michael... More

Britain’s corrupt politicians deserve a break – send them to prison

May 15, 2009

Thus has steered clear of the Tsunami of revelations about abuse of UK MPs’ expenses and allowances, mainly because we predicted it several weeks ago: “It beggars belief that the Secretary for Employment and Welfare Reform should be found to be either incompetent in his interpretation of Parliamentary allowances rules, or disingenous in their interpretation. Likewise the stern Ms. Smith. They should resign in shame. But that’s unlikely to happen. We’ve got more important things to do, such as setting an example of ’shared values’ for the wurreld and all... More

It’s official! Phil Woolas is a Ghurka jerka

May 7, 2009

We have steered clear of the Ghurka Veterans campaign thus far, on the grounds that there is little to add to the clear injustice of refusing to grant permanent resident status, and indeed, full army pensions, to serving and ex-members of the Nepalese Brigade of Ghurkas. Last week, the UK government, probably the only people in the country at odds with this clear abuse of moral sentiment, was voted down by its own side when it tried to force the unjust legislation past Parliament. The leader of the campaign for... More