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What part of surveillance society don’t you understand, Jacqui?

April 27, 2009

It almost beggars belief that the UK government, rebuffed in its anti-democratic plans to use the EU Data Retention Directive as a cover to create a database of all communication between citizens, is ploughing the same sordid furrow, using public data from social networking sites to to create ‘profiles’ of potential subversives. We wrote about this last month: Your-mentally-challenged-sociopathic-big-brother-is-hacking-facebook so I won’t go over old ground, but today’s BBC news rehash of the argument shows that the government is so far removed from reality and public opinion that it is... More

Another plot foiled on fantasy island

April 22, 2009

Thus followers will not be surprised to hear of the release without charge of all the dastardly terrorists who were plotting to blow up Manchester’s Arndale Centre and other key installations over Easter. We predicted the outcome on April 10. Two of the Pakistani students were cleared more or less immediately and it was announced today, Budget Day no less – a good day to bury bad news under even worse news – that the remaining 9 had been handed over to UK Border and immigration officials. No bomb factory... More

Did police brutality kill Ian Tomlinson and do we care?

April 11, 2009

. . . . . The answers are yes and yes. It matters that we know and that the police and government know that we are not prepared to tolerate any more abuses of our lives and liberties., with whom Thus is not affiliated but thoroughly admires, have launched a petition, which I hope you will sign. Paul Hilder of believes peaceful protests can change the world. My heart says he’s right but how would Gandhi have fared in Britain today? 2 million protested in the UK alone... More