Stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US

November 25, 2008

Thus is not a campaigning website, except when it needs to be. The UK government and House of Lords have done nothing to protect a UK citizen’s rights. If it weren’t deadly serious, it would be risible, and is a reminder of the nightmare slide into totalitarianism of the past eight years.

McKinnon, an exopolitics nut, hacked in to US military sites looking for evidence of UFOs nearly 7 years ago. He never denied that his hacking was extensive, acknowledged its criminality, but vehemently denied that it was motivated by malice. The US authorities claim his antics caused widespread damage to their defence networks. McKinnon  denies this, and asserts that he was not even a professional hacker. He was arrested by the UK High Tech Crimes Unit in 2002, who told him he would get a community service sentence, but things took a bizarre turn for the worse when the US authorities demanded extradition and trial in the US, which could lead to up to 70 years in a Supermax prison. McKinnon suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Incarceration will almost certainly exacerbate his condition. According to his supporters, one of the manifestations of his illness is an ‘honesty compulsion’ that will get him into terrible trouble with fellow inmates. (It also means that he will not plea bargain to reduce the sentence for something he is certain he didn’t do).

The chances of either a fair trial or leniency have been thrown into doubt by reports that US authorities have said they want to see him “fry”. His request for a judicial review will be held on December 2, 2008. If it fails, his supporters claim ‘he could be on his way to the Us the following day.’

This is a hangover from the one-sided extradition treaty bulldozed through in the name of the so-called “War on Terror.” A demonstration is planned outside the US Embassy and the ‘office of Tony Blair’ on 5 December 2008 from 5-7 pm. Meanwhile, UK citizens can petition your MP to sign Early Day Motion 2388, a modest proposal which calls upon the Home Secretary to ask our US masters to repatriate McKinnon on health grounds in the (likely) event of being found guilty in the US courts, according to the terms of the 2003 Extradition Act.