Sex and Terror in the Robot Shop

January 8, 2011

If my previous post gave the impression that any fool with an unhealthy knowledge of vintage robots and space toys, brightly coloured tin, Mexican death symbolism, a penchant for loud, obscure, smoking... More

A Year among the Robots

January 3, 2011

Like my life, Thus broadcasts have been patchy and intermittent over the past year. One reason is that I felt I could add little to the depressing and inevitable commentary... More

Whatever happened to the ‘Q’ Word?

Thus boldly boasted at the start of  the year that I/we would focus on single-handedly starting a quality drive. After a lot of hard work, some hot air and a survey... More

Why Quality matters

January 5, 2010

A bunch of people out there believe that doing things better is the answer to our economic woes. I can’t argue with that. Until and unless we get to grips... More

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