Thus Quality

Great Frog skull ring wins prestigious inaugural Thus Magazine Quality Award

January 12, 2011

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to shape up, smarten up, put on a serious face and get back into the corporate world. But then I woke up. The benchmark test involved redeeming my daughter’s credit note from The Great Frog and buying a suit in the sales. I am now the owner of a Cyborg skull ring.

One ring to rule them all . . . a blurry photo of my Great Frog Cyborg ring, inaugural item in the ThusMagazine Quality Roll of Honour

I rate the skull ring as one of my best and earliest business decisions of the new year. It will certainly enhance my status at the Brick Lane burger stand and in the soon-to-be defunct robot shop, and would give me a much-needed edge in a mano a mano with the petrol bombers, the middle classes or the Belgians. Though some have advised discretion in wearing the ring when pursuing my parallel existences as a Quality/Knowledge Management/Foreign Affairs/Publishing guru, I address these doubters to the wise words of  the Great Frog him/herself:

“Somebody had to be first to make Skull Rings, someone had to originate Skull Rings and that crown sits proudly upon The Great Frog. Since 1972, for nearly 40 years The Great Frog has been finely hand carving, crafting and casting Skull Rings in UK Hallmarked Sterling Silver. And not only has someone got to be first at creating Skull Rings, someone has got to be the Best at creating Skull Rings and once again after you’ve seen and felt the craftsmanship of The Great Frog’s collection of Skull Rings. It’s undeniable The Great Frog were not only the First but they are the Best.”

On the basis of that breathlessly, amphetaminely compelling self-citation alone, I proudly declare my Cyborg skull ring as the inaugural item in the Thus/Robot Shop Quality  roll of honour. Throughout the year (or until I get bored) Thus will dedicate itself to researching and showcasing examples of great British, European and indeed global, quality thingies which I/we/you feel have enhanced the human experience and demonstrate excellence, innovation and . . . you fill in the rest . . . .

More objects will follow as sure as night follows twilight. Right now I’m off to inspect some American Naturist postcards – with a view to selling them, I hasten to add. I bought them from my friend Lou in Oakland, California. If they pass our stringent criteria, they may well join the skull ring in the Thus/Robot Shop  Quality Hall of Fame. Your nominations are also welcome, but please, no blatant product placement. I paid for my blemming skull ring, I’ll have you know.