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All things considered, Labour is finished. Next question?

July 25, 2009

The Tories overturned a 5459 Labour majority by 7,348 votes in the Norwich by-election on Thursday in a decisive and pivotal victory. Their turnout was 6% lower than expected, but 70% of the Labour constituency stayed at home watching Big Brother. The Lib Dems came third as usual, giving the lie to those who perennially hope that disillusionment with the two main parties will translate into a third way. Chloe Smith, 27, a fragrant middle class girl, will become the youngest Tory MP for more than 30 years and poster... More

The extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US is undemocratic, downright stupid and illegal

July 13, 2009

I’m angry because nobody read my post last November and if they did, it didn’t change a thing (so what’s new). So is Sarah Brown, Gordon’s wife, as well she might be, living with a tripehead. But we’re both angry today because yet another miscarriage of justice is poised to be committed in the name of the ‘War on Terror.’ In November 2008, Thus helped draw attention to the long-running battle against the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US. Today, the government will decide whether to hand him over... More

UK mobile numbers are fair game for spammers, scammers and buggers – not many people know that

July 10, 2009

. . .and that’s the problem. The Directory of Mobile Phone numbers goes live next week. All numbers, including those belonging to children, will be potentially open to cold calling and the general abuse that unscrupulous telesales people subject us to. Unless you particularly wish to be cold called, deluged with text offers and – if you’re a celebrity – bugged by News Corp, I suggest that you take urgent steps to opt out. You can, in theory, do so here: When on the site, click “Home” then “Ex-directory” this... More