Panopticon Britain

Where’s Gordon Brown in the Libyan desert storm?

August 23, 2009

Over the past three days, as the Lockerbie ‘terrorist’ release turns into a full-blown international incident, we have heard not one word, or even a Twitter, from the man who saved the wurreld (and its banks). This is highly unusual; Gordon and his wife Sarah Twittered from Inverkilliecrankie, or wherever they are on holiday, catching crabs and burying each other in the sand, when the ungrateful Evil Empire dissed the NHS. This time it’s serious. Somebody gave Gordon’s independent-minded fellow Jocks a pass to give Abdulbasset al-Megrahi, the only person... More

Should the Tories gag their inglourious basterds?

August 15, 2009

However good they are at wonking, David Cameron’s progressive Tories are continually belaboured by own goals from their own side. Just as the inhabitants of duck island were gingerly winding down the drawbridge on the moat, Alan Duncan upset the golf cart. The Shadow Leader of the Commons and representative on the Estimates Committee, set up to reform MPs’ expenses, who had repaid £4000.00 claimed for gardening expenses including – the horror! – a posh lawnmower, was filmed complaining that the new regime obliged MPs to live ‘on rations.’ Duncan... More

How the Tories wordgrabbed Progressive and sent Mandy Mental

August 12, 2009

Yesterday, unlike ‘Lord’ Mandelson, I saw George Osborne deliver his case for the Tories as the party of ‘Progressive Politics” at centre-left Demos think tank HQ. The hounhymns were confounded. Phil Collins – no, not the former drummer of progressive rock group Genesis but the former speechwriter for failed prog rock singer, Tony (Ugly Rumours) Blair – introduced Osborne’s speech as the latest attempt at Tory ‘wordgrab.’ He concluded by thanking Boy George and telling him that he’d be pleased to relay his advice on policy to the Labour war... More