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Yuri Gagarin table lamp blasts into Thus Magazine Quality Hall of Fame

April 12, 2011

50 years to the day after orbiting the earth for 89 minutes in a tiny capsule jettisoned from the mighty Vostok 2 rocket, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin was awarded another gong. A plastic table lamp constructed in his honour has been inducted into ThusMagazine’s Quality Hall of Fame. The event, widely leaked on the Brick Lane Robot Shop’s secretive Facebook page, has thus far attracted no comment from Russian officials, nor has it featured on BBC Radio, seemingly obsessed with Gagarin chitter chatter on this momentous day. The award judges,... More

Great Frog skull ring wins prestigious inaugural Thus Magazine Quality Award

January 12, 2011

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to shape up, smarten up, put on a serious face and get back into the corporate world. But then I woke up. The benchmark test involved redeeming my daughter’s credit note from The Great Frog and buying a suit in the sales. I am now the owner of a Cyborg skull ring. One ring to rule them all . . . a blurry photo of my Great Frog Cyborg ring, inaugural item in the ThusMagazine Quality Roll of Honour I rate the skull ring as... More

It’s official! Parasite blogging bastards have killed print journalism

May 20, 2009

Hold the front page – on second thoughts, don’t bother. There won’t be one to hold much longer. That bloody web thingy has eaten our journalists. Everything we hold dear – the right to be told what to think by poker-arsed blowhards in the pay of Illuminati kingmakers, fed and watered by PR lizards in the pay of big business – has been stolen by . . . . Market Forces. 60 million oiky bloggers, ranting on about whatever takes their fancy are about as welcome in the Press Club... More