Britain is officially the 51st State and McKinnon must fry

July 16, 2009

Tribal politics won the day again in the mother(fucker) of all Parliaments as 59 Labour MPs voted yesterday to defeat the Tory motion to stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US (Thus passim). 84 Labour MPs had signed the motion to review the 2003 Extradition Treaty but under pressure from the whips (read Mandelson’s Blairite Stasi) 15 abstained, 59 touched their toes and only 10 backed the Opposition Motion. It was a glaring display of everything that is deeply wrong with the UK Parliamentary system, and should be added to the list of things that make it impossible for any right minded person to vote Labour at the next election.

Why are we not surprised? Gordon Brown is hoping for payback with a US foundation after his sorry arse is kicked out of Downing Street next year. May I suggest the ‘Neverland Foundation,’ housed in Michael Jackson’s hacienda? He can partner with Mike’s old friends Uri Geller and Lou Ferrigno, lecturing on the fine arts of deception and the transformative power of uncontrolled rage. Mandelson, rumoured to be seriously considering taking over the reins as Labour leader BEFORE the election (Thus passim), is a paid-up member of the Blairite 51st State Society and minces in mysterious ways. Alan Johnson, Home Secretary – the fifth in as many years – like his predecessors, is simply not up to the job.

Gary McKinnon, and others facing extradition under this obscene one-sided treaty, are victims of Labour’s bizarre obsession with a ’special relationship’ which is only special to the extent that it condones and glorifies abuse. The Conservatives, whatever their ulterior motive may or may not have been, were right to call for a review and should have won the vote. Though it pains me to say it, the Daily Mail is right to campaign hard on Gary McKinnon’s behalf and give this iniquitous betrayal of civil liberties its front page headline, calling the Labour MPs ’spineless.’ The Guardian meanwhile, spineless as ever and fantasising about its US liberal audience, condescendingly got round to the McKinnon case and pontificated that while it might be a tad unfair to extradite McKinnon, it was good of Labour to defend the Extradition Treaty. This was a prodigious feat of toe-touching.

I hope for the sake of Gary McKinnon that the US authorities will come to the aid of their New Labour bitches and decide to overturn the extradition request. Meanwhile, everyone in the UK who cares about their freedom should make a point of registering their displeasure by voting out every one of the lickspittle cowards who condemned an Asperger’s sufferer in this way, whether or not you believe in Labour values. Make that ESPECIALLY if you believe in Labour Values.