ThusMagazine consolidates fresh thinking about life-changing issues, fill in the gaps left by political and business coverage and adds fact-based appraisal from informed sources, with good humour, optimism and empathy. You should not need a PhD to understand or enjoy it. Contact me here if and when we fail to do any of these things. Send us good stuff, particularly new thinking on economics, UK, US and EU politics, ecology, new technology, the environment, business, finance, development, food, consumerism, energy, new ways of living and working – which we may or may not include, edit or comment upon.

We have very few rules apart from good taste. We won’t publish racist, sexist, bigoted or spiteful stuff. Pass this url to everyone you know. Tell them it’s not about Them and US. Let’s have a revolution and let’s have it for fun.

THUS will attempt to spotlight people and organisations that are trying to propose sensible or even outlandish solutions to problems that nearly all of us admit cannot be allowed to pass uncommented upon. The project will be partly open-source, but mostly moderated and edited. THUS will not attempt to be impartial but neither will it be knowingly influenced by anything other than a sense of describing and discussing what is right and decent.

John Kelly