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No, Cameron, you can’t have an election in our democracy – because you would win!

May 21, 2009

While the stench of corruption dissipates, like the fear of swine flu, because we’re all bored now and the Tories are just as culpable, there is a serious danger that Brown and his larcenous mates will get away with it. This vile jelly must be nailed to the wall. Let’s have an election – or a riot – maybe both? Any hopes of reform of the British Houses of Parliament under the glassy stare of Gordon Brown were dashed yesterday with his schizophrenic rebuff to the Opposition leader’s call for... More

Update: Two Treasury Select Committee Members fiddled their expenses

This morning The Telegraph reported that Conservative MP Sir Peter Viggers would stand down at the next election, at the request of David Cameron, having claimed over £30,000 in gardening-related expenses, including £1600.00 for a floating duck house. Some wags wondered whether it fell under the MPs’ second home category. Another Tory grandee, Michael Fallon, MP, overclaimed £8300.00 in mortgage repayments. Financial News pointed out that both, as members of the Treasury Select Committee, have been fierce in their criticism of the lack of governance, excessive salaries and expenses of... More

It’s official! Parasite blogging bastards have killed print journalism

May 20, 2009

Hold the front page – on second thoughts, don’t bother. There won’t be one to hold much longer. That bloody web thingy has eaten our journalists. Everything we hold dear – the right to be told what to think by poker-arsed blowhards in the pay of Illuminati kingmakers, fed and watered by PR lizards in the pay of big business – has been stolen by . . . . Market Forces. 60 million oiky bloggers, ranting on about whatever takes their fancy are about as welcome in the Press Club... More