Monthly Archives: April 2009

Call me Ishmael, but I’m pleased that the Japanese whaling fleet missed its quota

April 15, 2009

I’m no Cousteau, as you will plainly see from this article, but it has come to my attention that several species of the world’s fish stocks are running close to extinction. The success of the whaling moratorium serve as an example that positive action can lead to permanent results. Over Easter it was announced that the Japanese whaling fleet had only achieved 68% of its target of killing 950 Minke whales ands 50 Fin whales, ‘for research purposes.’ Activist groups such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the Whale and Dolphin... More

Random facts about funhouse Britain from Thus

April 14, 2009

In no particular order, and with no special weighting, here are a few facts gleaned from the media with help from friends of Thus at Ten. Please feel free to send in your own facts. We need them in this era of spin and errant fantasy: 68% of Britons believe that MP’s salaries are ‘too generous’; only 4% say they’re too modest. According to a Times survey, 27% of voters say that all or nearly all MPs abuse the their expenses, 42% think that a majority of MPs do so;... More

Email update: Brown sends personal letters of apology and abdicates government blame

Over 72 hours after the McBride/Draper/Whelan poisoned email plot was revealed, and 12 hours after UK Government Minister Alan Johnson had denied the need to do so on national radio, Gordon Brown stopped saving the world for a minute and tried instead to save his own skin. The fact that he still refuses to issue a formal government statement – a personal, handwritten letter of regret to those maligned is not the same thing – demonstrates either extraordinary bad judgement, bad advice, dissociation from reality or maybe all of the... More