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Christmas Gift Ideas: Slags Against Jihad by John Keane

December 11, 2008

John Keane’s website presents a fine display of political art from one of its most accomplished exponents. Here’s what inspired John to make ‘Slags Against Jihad:’ “Aspiring Jihadi mass murderers Omar Khyam and Jawad Akbar met at Akbar’s home flat in Colley House, Uxbridge. During the conversation, which was being recorded by an audio probe, the pair discussed potential targets for bombing, including how they would manage to get a device into a location. JAWAD AKBAR: “You could get jobs like this, yeah, like for example the biggest nightclub in... More

Throw away your crutches and limp down to the McJobCentre, says PM

December 10, 2008

no malingering in back-to-work Britain In yet another demonstration of the sort of lateral thinking that has made Gordon Brown not only saviour of the banks but saviour of the world, Work and Pensions Minister James Purnell announced a government pledge to force long term sickness benefits claimants and some single mothers back to work. The Welfare Reform White Paper has also been welcomed by the Conservative Opposition, largely because it steals their thunder by arguing that unearned benefits undermine society and destroy the work ethic. a spot of hard work never hurt anybody... More

Update: Police held no warrant to raid Tory MP’s office

December 3, 2008

The good news is that Jacqui Smith didn’t issue a warrant. The bad news is that Plod didn’t ask for one. Michael Martin, aka Gorbals Mick, embattled Speaker of the UK House of Commons, admitted today that the Police had no warrant to search the office of Tory MP Damian Green. Jill Pay (the first woman to wear the Sergeant-at-Arms’ skirt, black tights and buckled pumps in Parliament’s long history) neither informed the Speaker of the search nor asked whether the police officers were authorised. The implications are damning either... More